Sometimes you can get the big guys to take responsibility for their fault

I was travelling up Kensington High Street to a basketball game last Wednesday night when I came to a pool of water on the road. There was water everywhere so I slowed down to about 15 miles per hour so that I did not splash other road users. As I drove over the water I heard a very loud sound and the car vibrated so much that it felt like I had hit a pot hole at 40 miles an hour. I knew that something bad had happened and, of course, something sharp in that water had pierced my tyre, not underneath, but on the side! I had bought the very same tyre less than 3 weeks ago for £98 as part of the MOT service. Furthermore, less than 3 days ago I paid my road tax, £205. It's very expensive to run a car in London and one would hope that the city council would provide proper roads for us to use. I've written to the council about this and the case is still pending...look out for an update. Normally I wouldn't do such a thing, but I'm frustrated and I just feel that it's not fair. ..... Verdict: I did get compensation from the council but they informed me that it was just a gesture of goodwill.

Don’t lose your cool when arguing your point

This incident happened on my trip from Shanghai to London in October 2010. I was on my way home from visiting my wife in Nagoya, Japan. Firstly, I think a background to the story is in order. I was very late arriving in Shanghai from Nagoya and I nearly missed the connecting flight to London. I was the last passenger to board to plane. I was late because China Eastern Airline was late. At check-in I was given my boarding pass and was then told to run to board the plane. I looked at the seat number on my boarding pass and it was clearly written down as "29". So you can imagine my annoyance when I arrived at seat 29 to find that my seat was occupied by a Chinese lady. That did not go down very well. I informed her nicely that she was seating on my seat and asked her to vacate my seat. However, she wouldn't have any of it. She told me to seat on the empty seat next to her. I insisted that she was on my seat and that she should move. The problem was exacerbated by the fact that her English was almost none existent. As the argument between her and I continued it attracted many people and they were all staring at us. Eventually I called the air stewardess and asked her to confirm if the seat we were arguing about was indeed seat number 29, and she confirmed that it was seat number 29. Then, as if there was a little voice telling me to, I glanced back at the seat number on my boarding pass again and realised that it was seat number 19. I was shocked and quickly apologised to the poor Chinese lady and quickly took my leave headed for my seat. I really apologised a lot to the lady although she probably did not understand me. I made sure that my face was out of her reach just in case she decided to slap the 'stupid African' 😉 The moral of the story is that you should never lose your temper even if you feel that you've been very wronged. I'm sure that if someone else had been in my situation they would have acted differently. I'm lucky that I can control my temper.