Condoms on the floor at the bank

One lunch time I went to the bank to deposit a cheque. This was in about the year 2006 when I was still working in Soho, London. The queue was very  long and it progressed painfully slowly. The bank was short-staffed as is typical of many banks in  London. As I moved slowly along the queue I noticed that there were about three packets of shiny things on the floor right under one of counters. I became very curious. I quickly identified the packets as condoms. I spent a few seconds wondering how they might have got onto the floor, but as my mind was occupied by that thought I noticed something much more interesting. Continue reading "Condoms on the floor at the bank"

Don’t let a Japanese toilet ruin your trip to Japan

The first thing that I noticed about Japanese toilets was that they had several other buttons on the side in addition to a flusher. As a technology geek I was immediately curious about what those buttons did. I asked my girlfriend to explain and I just couldn't believe what I heard. She told me that after you have finished your business you can press one of the buttons and the water would come shooting up and wash you. Continue reading "Don’t let a Japanese toilet ruin your trip to Japan"

Two Swazi illegal workers removed from Isle of Wight

Yesterday I was watching UK Border Force on TV and the immigration police visited a small hotel in the Isle of Wight looking for people who are working illegally in the UK. They found two Swazis who were working there illegally and removed them back to Swaziland. The joint was fined the usual £10,000 as a penalty for knowingly employing illegal workers. I was just surprised that we have illegals from my own home country here. I figure if this is the case then there must be illegal people from all the countries of the world currently living and working in the UK. Now I understand why immigration is such a big problem in this country.