12 year old boy punching and spitting on a girl’s face

Up until this evening I had never seen such violent brutality from a young person. I was two streets away from home driving the car from a basketball game when I suddenly heard a loud noise. I looked and saw a group of youngsters. There must have been about eight of them. One of the boys was very angry for some reason with one of the girls. I estimated that they both must have been about eleven to twelve years old. The traffic light was red which meant that I had about two minutes to watch what was going on. The boy was beating up the girl. I saw him punching her on the face and she was so defenceless. The other kids did not seem to know what to do. Someone, a bigger kid, dragged the angry boy away, but he returned to continue abusing the poor girl. He was out of control. At one point he went up to her and spat a whole load of saliva onto her face. I just couldn't believe it. How could a young boy like that be such an animal? I wished that I could meet the woman that gave birth to him just to ask how he turned up like that. The whole thing felt like real abuse to me because I subscribe to the notion that a man should never hit a woman. I was fuming when I saw the boy behaving in such a wild manner. I thought he would seriously hurt the little girl, who was simply using her face to defend against his punches. She did not even fight back because she did not know what to do. Just a defenceless little girl. All this happened outside a butchery with lots of adult people just watching. Nobody did anything. I really wanted to get out and stop him, but I could not park the car anywhere. The light changed and I got home about 1.5 minutes later. So I rushed back to the scene of the incident so that I could protect the poor girl, but they were not there anymore. The street was particularly busy because there was a football match, I think. I went into the butchery to ask the guys if they had seen the fight. They replied "Yes" and proceeded to say that "It was just kids messing about". I looked at them with horror as if to ask "Messing about! Didn't you see that the boy was hitting her face?" But I didn't because I realised that those man subscribed to the London Syndrome which is called "It's nothing to do with me, so I won't get involved". How very sad! I remembered again that chaos prevails when good men stand by and do nothing. I just hope that the little girl was safe at the end. I still can't get over the fact that he actually spat on her face just to tell her that she was nothing! Before I conclude this story, I do accept the fact that she might have really pissed him off by something she did or said. However, I still just can't believe that a boy of that age can be so violent and so spiteful. Where did he see someone spitting on someone's face? The youth of London these days!!

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