Is there a way that we can settle this with sex?

I was watching one of the American cop TV programs where a woman was stopped by two cops (men) for drunk driving. Things were not going well for her because she failed all the sobriety tests. Unlike many of the drunk  women who are caught drink druving in America, she appeared to be dignified and compliant with what the police officers were asking her to do. She did not scream at them asking for her lawyer. It never ceases to amaze me that nearly everybody in America has a lawyer. Of course, it's because they live in such a litigious society. Right at the end when the cops told here that she was being arrested for drink driving she calmly asked the cops "Is there a way that we can settle this with sex?" I couldn't stop laughing because it was so unexpected. However, the cops did not take the offer and quickly led her away into their car...maybe they changed their minds later when they were near the woods and away from the prying camera 😉 Just a thought because she was quite nice, I observed.

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