When people are too stupid to even help themselves

I was at Madrid airport on 16th January 2012 going back home to London. The incident I’m about to talk about happened whilst the plane was on the stand and passengers were boarding. My wife and I had already settled down onto our seats and we were watching other passengers coming in. At one point there was a lady who tried for about three minutes to put her luggage into the overhead baggage compartment with no success. Something was blocking her suitcase from going in.

I was itching to get up and help her but I was too far. Behind her were about seven other people waiting so that she would finish and let them pass. The person who was right next to her was a strong young man who just stood there and watched her as the poor woman tried her best to shove her suitcase into the space. He did not do anything. He just stood there waiting. My eyes made contact with one woman who was also waiting and she was muttering some words of annoyance since she was tired of waiting. I just couldn’t believe it….

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