Don’t mess with a mother and her child

This story happened on 28th July 2012 at Euston British Rail station in London. My wife and I had just got off the train from Coventry. We had gone to watch the women football Olympic games. As we joined the queue to buy some food we saw a young black woman arguing with one of the Burger King employees. The woman was with her son who looked to be about seven years old. I heard the gentleman shouting "Don't throw food!" The woman had dashed the burger at him because she claimed that he had thrown it at her son while he was serving them. Anyway the woman was very angry and she was really abusive to the poor guy. She told him that he was working at a dump and doing a crap job and I'm being modest in my explaining about what she said. Her language was vile. Continue reading "Don’t mess with a mother and her child"