Don’t mess with a mother and her child

This story happened on 28th July 2012 at Euston British Rail station in London. My wife and I had just got off the train from Coventry. We had gone to watch the women football Olympic games. As we joined the queue to buy some food we saw a young black woman arguing with one of the Burger King employees. The woman was with her son who looked to be about seven years old. I heard the gentleman shouting "Don't throw food!" The woman had dashed the burger at him because she claimed that he had thrown it at her son while he was serving them. Anyway the woman was very angry and she was really abusive to the poor guy. She told him that he was working at a dump and doing a crap job and I'm being modest in my explaining about what she said. Her language was vile. The Burger King people told her that they were calling the police because she was being extremely abusive to them and swearing. She did not care and she insisted that they called the police. While all this was going on her poor little son just stood there on the side totally confused and listening to her mother shouting and screaming. I felt so sorry for him having a mother like that. Eventually another black woman approached the screaming lady and gently pulled her aside. I really thought that they were together because of the way that she did it. Even the crazy lady was calm when the other lady pulled her aside and sort of comforted her. They then left together to the other side of the station. The police came and had a quick chat with the Burger King people but I could tell that the police were not interested in arresting her, so they left. After they had left I saw the other woman who had taken the crazy woman away and, being the nosey type, I spoke to her. I asked her if she knew the crazy woman and she told me she did not. She told me that she only stepped up to help her because she noticed that she was all alone and the Burger King guy was with his friends. "I also liked her skirt", she added smiling. I could tell that the woman was very smart and I thanked her for what she had done. She told me this: "Never mess with a mother and her child because she will kill you!" She further told me that had she been in the other woman's situation she would have been so mad that she would have jumped over the Burger King counter and grabbed the man by his throat. That took me aback because I realised that she was crazy too 😉 Anyway what I learnt from the encounter was that you have to be careful with how you treat a mother and her child because she can be very protective. It was a very hot day on that particular day and I think that something else had happened to the crazy woman before she came to BK. What happened at BK finally set her off. I never condone people who act like that in public because for me self respect is very important, but for some people they have no dignity. I felt sorry for the poor boy having a mother like that.

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