Indescent exposure at the playground

Today was a very strange day at basketball. When I arrived at the playground the game was already in session. I was also shown a black guy who was playing with his penis showing. He was wearing long trousers & no underpants & the trousers had a gaping hole in the groin area. The Chinese guy told me that he had offered him some pants but he had politely declined them & said he was fine. As he played we watched his manhood swing from side to side as he ran & jumped to catch the ball. My Chinese friend said that he was a disgrace to black men because his manhood was not as big as it could have been. However, when I was playing & defending against the strange guy I did take a good look & I was impressed by the size of his manhood because I thought it was adequate. We played with him for about an hour & he seemed like a normal guy because he was in charge of his teammates & telling them where to position themselves during the game. He also had nice after shave on, so he smelled nice. Continue reading "Indescent exposure at the playground"