Indescent exposure at the playground

Today was a very strange day at basketball. When I arrived at the playground the game was already in session. I was also shown a black guy who was playing with his penis showing. He was wearing long trousers & no underpants & the trousers had a gaping hole in the groin area. The Chinese guy told me that he had offered him some pants but he had politely declined them & said he was fine. As he played we watched his manhood swing from side to side as he ran & jumped to catch the ball. My Chinese friend said that he was a disgrace to black men because his manhood was not as big as it could have been. However, when I was playing & defending against the strange guy I did take a good look & I was impressed by the size of his manhood because I thought it was adequate. We played with him for about an hour & he seemed like a normal guy because he was in charge of his teammates & telling them where to position themselves during the game. He also had nice after shave on, so he smelled nice. The situation got really hilarious when another black guy, a spectator, arrived & started watching the game. As soon as he noticed the swinging manhood he shouted "Hey man your d*** is showing!". The crazy guy ignored him but the spectator would not stop shouting. We told him that we had already pointed it out to the crazy guy but he did not care. At one point the spectator took out his phone to film him & everyone was laughing but the crazy guy just smiled & didn't seem moved. Eventually the crazy guy finished the game & left. There were also people sitting at the park watching & many people turned their heads away when he left because they did not want to see his manhood. He disappeared into the next street & that was the last time we saw him. Bizarre! The guys has since returned to play several times since the incident and strangely enough he seems to be of sober mind. I learnt that he is from Uganda and he is very down to earth. I never discussed his manhood though.

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