The incompetent plumber

We discovered that our house had a major leak under the floor in the evening of 3rd April 2016. My daughter was running through the corridor when she suddenly told her mom that her feet were wet. Water was seeping through the flooring to the top and my daughter only found out because she runs around on bare feet and we don't. In a way she helped us and we were glad she did not hurt herself. Since British Gas look after our plumbing we called them at about 7 p.m. They immediately booked a plumber to come and switch off the water and by the time he arrived it was at around 10 p.m. After turning off the water the guy left because it was too late in the night and by turning off the water damage was significantly minimised.  He informed us that someone from his office would call us in the morning. Meantime I had to call the insurance company because the water damage in the house was just insane. Continue reading "The incompetent plumber"