The incompetent plumber

We discovered that our house had a major leak under the floor in the evening of 3rd April 2016. My daughter was running through the corridor when she suddenly told her mom that her feet were wet. Water was seeping through the flooring to the top and my daughter only found out because she runs around on bare feet and we don't. In a way she helped us and we were glad she did not hurt herself. Since British Gas look after our plumbing we called them at about 7 p.m. They immediately booked a plumber to come and switch off the water and by the time he arrived it was at around 10 p.m. After turning off the water the guy left because it was too late in the night and by turning off the water damage was significantly minimised.  He informed us that someone from his office would call us in the morning. Meantime I had to call the insurance company because the water damage in the house was just insane. The next morning another plumber came to try and fix the problem but he did not on the grounds that we had wooden flooring in the house. He wanted the wooden flooring removed since he did not want to be responsible for breaking it. The insurance company also told us that it was nothing to do with them because they only covered the building - they considered wooden flooring as contents. Anyway to cut a long story short I eventually had to remove the damaged wooden flooring to make the area easy to access. I then informed the plumbing company that the wooden flooring had been removed and they should come and fix the leak. Meantime the insurance company had put us up in a Premier Inn Bed and Breakfast. On April 9th another plumber arrived to fix the leak. He took one leak at the problem and told us that it was going to be a huge job because he would need machinery to dig deep under the floor. He did not have the machine and he had to go back to talk to his manager. He told us that the job would take about half  a day to a whole day to complete. When I called the office I was told that they could not fix the problem until 18th April because they did not have the resources to fix such a big problem until that date. So for the next 8 nights we had to stay in the B&B where there were no cooking facilities or a fridge freezer. My wife and I could manage ok because we are adults but we really struggled to feed our two year old daughter in the evenings because of the lack of cooking facilities. On Monday, 18th April another plumber arrived. He simply lifted up a cover on the floor and immediately had access to the broken pipe. He fixed it within 20 minutes and was gone in about 40 minutes. We were stunned. I told him what the previous plumber had said and he was shocked. I shook his had and thanked him profusely for fixing the problem. We had become homeless because of the problem. So you see, incompetent people are a big problem! Because of that plumber's incompetence we had to stay in a B&B for an extra 8 nights. I will be making a complaint to British Gas about our experiences. I have not named the plumbing company here because I don't feel that it will do any good. Besides some of you probably know which company it is already. I feel bad for the highly competent people who work with incompetent people because when one member of the team is bad the whole team looks bad. I wish that companies would ensure that all their staff are well trained and on top of their game. Training should be given to those people who are less experienced.  

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