Chaos at the Shell Petrol Station

I have just been to the petrol station to fill up my car. It all started well; I pulled into the forecourt and filled up my car and then went inside to pay for my fuel. There was one guy serving and I was second in the queue. When my turn came I tried to pay and and the cashier looked at me in a very startled manner when I told hom that I needed to pay for the car in Pump number 2. The cost was £85. He quickly confirmed with me that I indeed needed to pay for the car next to pump no. 2 and I told him "Yes". Then he asked me to go outside and call back the guy who had been in front of me. Actually, he did not ask me, to told me to. At that point there were about 3 other people waiting to pay! The guy came back because he worked next door to the petrol station and I just managed to grab his attention before he disappeared. Anyway he came back and the cashier told him that he needed to refund him because he had accidentally charged my £85 petrol to his card. At first the guy was a bit aggressive, I think he was rather confused and thought that maybe he was being accussed of something. Then the cashier spent the next ten minutes trying to refund the card. The other guys next to me were giggling and making funny remarks. At one point the cashier lost it and said "why are you laughing? You are so rude" and the guy replied and said he was laughing because his mate had told him a funny joke. The cashier was not having any of it because he knew that they were laughing at him. So he refunded the other guy his money and then I paid for my fuel ...and then the other guy had to wait because he still had to pay for the sweets and cigarettes that he had originally bought. It was chaos and when the other guys were laughing the other guy who had been wrongly charged for petrol also started making funny remarks like "He's crap" I could tell that he was probably Albanian and he did not have full command of the English language but he couldn't help chipping in as well to make the cashier feel bad. Oh, I had also bought a Lion chocolate bar for no reason other than that it had been carefully placed next to the till so that poor souls who can't control themselves like me would be tempted and part with 99p in the process. I finally paid for my petrol and the cashier only charged my card for petrol only and after that I had to pay for the chocolate bar seperately. It was a right keffafle and I am not sure how the poor cashier made such a mistake because he has served me many times before. I think somehow the transactions started coming in too fast into his screen from the petrol pumps outside that he got confused. But I am still struggling to understand how he made that mistake. The Albanian guy had only gone in there *on foot* to buy confectionary and lung burners and he almost ended up paying for my petrol. Now that's messed up! I told him that he needs to always check his receipt after paying but he did not seem to pay any attention. I still don't think we should laugh and get angry at such incidents because maybe the poor guy was having a bad day. It can happen to any of us and sometimes we just need to step back and try and imagine  how we would feel if it were us on the other side of the counter at that moment. So please let's try and be patient when others find themselves in unfrotunate circumstances when trying to help us. Take care. NB: for those who are not familiar with the British system here in Britain car drivers serve themselves at petrol stations and then go inside to pay.

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  1. Agreed, thats why I always rethink my answers when i end up speaking to a foolish Support adviser with a bad attitude over the phone.
    They should not have laughed at the poor man.

    Great story!

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