Chaos at the Shell Petrol Station

I have just been to the petrol station to fill up my car. It all started well; I pulled into the forecourt and filled up my car and then went inside to pay for my fuel. There was one guy serving and I was second in the queue. When my turn came I tried to pay and and the cashier looked at me in a very startled manner when I told hom that I needed to pay for the car in Pump number 2. The cost was £85. He quickly confirmed with me that I indeed needed to pay for the car next to pump no. 2 and I told him "Yes". Then he asked me to go outside and call back the guy who had been in front of me. Actually, he did not ask me, to told me to. At that point there were about 3 other people waiting to pay! Continue reading "Chaos at the Shell Petrol Station"

The incompetent plumber

We discovered that our house had a major leak under the floor in the evening of 3rd April 2016. My daughter was running through the corridor when she suddenly told her mom that her feet were wet. Water was seeping through the flooring to the top and my daughter only found out because she runs around on bare feet and we don't. In a way she helped us and we were glad she did not hurt herself. Since British Gas look after our plumbing we called them at about 7 p.m. They immediately booked a plumber to come and switch off the water and by the time he arrived it was at around 10 p.m. After turning off the water the guy left because it was too late in the night and by turning off the water damage was significantly minimised.  He informed us that someone from his office would call us in the morning. Meantime I had to call the insurance company because the water damage in the house was just insane. Continue reading "The incompetent plumber"

Indescent exposure at the playground

Today was a very strange day at basketball. When I arrived at the playground the game was already in session. I was also shown a black guy who was playing with his penis showing. He was wearing long trousers & no underpants & the trousers had a gaping hole in the groin area. The Chinese guy told me that he had offered him some pants but he had politely declined them & said he was fine. As he played we watched his manhood swing from side to side as he ran & jumped to catch the ball. My Chinese friend said that he was a disgrace to black men because his manhood was not as big as it could have been. However, when I was playing & defending against the strange guy I did take a good look & I was impressed by the size of his manhood because I thought it was adequate. We played with him for about an hour & he seemed like a normal guy because he was in charge of his teammates & telling them where to position themselves during the game. He also had nice after shave on, so he smelled nice. Continue reading "Indescent exposure at the playground"

Don’t mess with a mother and her child

This story happened on 28th July 2012 at Euston British Rail station in London. My wife and I had just got off the train from Coventry. We had gone to watch the women football Olympic games. As we joined the queue to buy some food we saw a young black woman arguing with one of the Burger King employees. The woman was with her son who looked to be about seven years old. I heard the gentleman shouting "Don't throw food!" The woman had dashed the burger at him because she claimed that he had thrown it at her son while he was serving them. Anyway the woman was very angry and she was really abusive to the poor guy. She told him that he was working at a dump and doing a crap job and I'm being modest in my explaining about what she said. Her language was vile. Continue reading "Don’t mess with a mother and her child"

When people are too stupid to even help themselves

I was at Madrid airport on 16th January 2012 going back home to London. The incident I'm about to talk about happened whilst the plane was on the stand and passengers were boarding. My wife and I had already settled down onto our seats and we were watching other passengers coming in. At one point there was a lady who tried for about three minutes to put her luggage into the overhead baggage compartment with no success. Something was blocking her suitcase from going in. I was itching to get up and help her but I was too far. Behind her were about seven other people waiting so that she would finish and let them pass. The person who was right next to her was a strong young man who just stood there and watched her as the poor woman tried her best to shove her suitcase into the space. He did not do anything. He just stood there waiting. My eyes made contact with one woman who was also waiting and she was muttering some words of annoyance since she was tired of waiting. I just couldn't believe it....

The racist black woman

This incident happened on Sunday, May 15th 2011 at a bus stop near Stratford in East London. I was waiting for a bus with my son Anthony when a black woman arrived pushing a baby buggy. There was an infant in the buggy. With her was also a teenage girl who looked about fifteen years old and a boy who was about four years old. At this point I have to mention that my son is mixed race and they were all pure black. I had just bought my son a few toys from Stratford and he was very pleased with himself. As soon as he saw the boy who looked about his age he immediately decided that he had to go to him and show off his toys. Anthony and I were standing a few metres away from the new arrivals, so Anthony left me to go and talk to the boy. From his demeanor I could tell that the boy was not comfortable playing with Anthony. He was one of those children who were told by their mother never to talk to strangers anywhere. Realising that the situation was becoming awkward for the boy I said "Anthony come here, what are you doing over there?" That was my first mistake, but I did not know it at the time. All I wanted to do was to stop my son from bothering the poor boy. Continue reading "The racist black woman"

Is there a way that we can settle this with sex?

I was watching one of the American cop TV programs where a woman was stopped by two cops (men) for drunk driving. Things were not going well for her because she failed all the sobriety tests. Unlike many of the drunk  women who are caught drink druving in America, she appeared to be dignified and compliant with what the police officers were asking her to do. She did not scream at them asking for her lawyer. It never ceases to amaze me that nearly everybody in America has a lawyer. Of course, it's because they live in such a litigious society. Right at the end when the cops told here that she was being arrested for drink driving she calmly asked the cops "Is there a way that we can settle this with sex?" I couldn't stop laughing because it was so unexpected. However, the cops did not take the offer and quickly led her away into their car...maybe they changed their minds later when they were near the woods and away from the prying camera 😉 Just a thought because she was quite nice, I observed.

12 year old boy punching and spitting on a girl’s face

Up until this evening I had never seen such violent brutality from a young person. I was two streets away from home driving the car from a basketball game when I suddenly heard a loud noise. I looked and saw a group of youngsters. There must have been about eight of them. One of the boys was very angry for some reason with one of the girls. I estimated that they both must have been about eleven to twelve years old. The traffic light was red which meant that I had about two minutes to watch what was going on. The boy was beating up the girl. I saw him punching her on the face and she was so defenceless. The other kids did not seem to know what to do. Someone, a bigger kid, dragged the angry boy away, but he returned to continue abusing the poor girl. He was out of control. Continue reading "12 year old boy punching and spitting on a girl’s face"

Sometimes a little gesture of kindness could have the biggest impact on someone else’s life.

We all know or knew someone like this!! One day, when I was a freshman in high school, I saw a kid from my class was walking home from school.   His name was Kyle. It looked like he was carrying all of his books.  I thought to myself, 'Why would anyone bring home all his books on a Friday? He must really be a nerd.'  I had quite a weekend planned (parties and a football game with my friends tomorrow afternoon), so I shrugged my shoulders and went on. As I was walking, I saw a bunch of kids running toward him. They ran at him, knocking all his books out of his arms and tripping him so he landed in the dirt. His glasses went flying, and I saw them land in the grass about ten feet from him... He looked up and I saw this terrible sadness in his eyes Continue reading "Sometimes a little gesture of kindness could have the biggest impact on someone else’s life."

Condoms on the floor at the bank

One lunch time I went to the bank to deposit a cheque. This was in about the year 2006 when I was still working in Soho, London. The queue was very  long and it progressed painfully slowly. The bank was short-staffed as is typical of many banks in  London. As I moved slowly along the queue I noticed that there were about three packets of shiny things on the floor right under one of counters. I became very curious. I quickly identified the packets as condoms. I spent a few seconds wondering how they might have got onto the floor, but as my mind was occupied by that thought I noticed something much more interesting. Continue reading "Condoms on the floor at the bank"